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URL: https://datahub.electrocat.org/dataset/7d4a41fd-51ca-44eb-9801-a4618b705746/resource/b61048f0-2f6a-4ae4-bdd1-b974f77ca331/download/unmix_data-3.json

The unmix XRD data tool offers a form of automated Reitveld analysis for thin-film and powder x-ray diffraction spectroscopy. By providing a series of reference patterns in addition to an experimental spectrum, unmix XRD determines the percentage of each reference pattern present within the spectrum. While other more complex proprietary software exist that are capable of these analyses, such packages tend to be expensive and may require a large number of manual inputs. Reference patterns may be provided by the user or determined automatically from a diverse selection of ICSD powder diffraction spectra.

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