High Performance non-PGM Transition Metal Oxide ORR Catalysts of PEMFCs

Recipient United Technologies Research Center (PI: Timothy Davenport)

Subs Prof. Yang Shao-Horn (MIT)

Abstract This project will develop acid-stable PGM-free transition metal oxide ORR catalysts from first-principles to incorporation into MEAs. This will be accomplished with a multi-step approach: 1) materials modeling and experimental screening to identify acid-stable oxides with high ORR activity, 2) optimization of catalyst particle size and catalyst/carbon/ionomer catalyst layer composition, 3) fabrication of MEAs for performance and durability testing. The primary objective of this project shall be to develop and demonstrate MEAs with non-PGM ORR catalysts that can meet or exceed the performance and durability of the of DOE 2020 Technical Targets.